Judy Martin is a very capable and suitable tour leader for an Exclusive group of travellers.

My experience is that I have participated in 3 executive study tours operated by Judy through SAGE International Tours for executives from the Aged Care Industry in Australia, visiting international destinations in Europe and the United States of America on tours of several weeks duration.

Judy is well prepared. She establishes rapport and connection easily with each person in the tour group and facilitates the networking between group members to ensure good cohesion and cooperation in the group.

Her organisation is very evident early in the tour and also builds trust in her role and in the logistics and organisation of the arrangements.

She is proactive in giving information and ensuring people have clear expectations and a good understanding of keeping on time and meeting in the right locations.

While supporting the whole group, she is also flexible and able to address specific requirements, interests of individual participants to ensure everyone benefits from the experience and has an enjoyable time.

Sue McKechnie
Executive Manager Community Services
Resthaven Incorporated


Judy Martin has been the tour leader on 4 international study tours that I have attended.  These tours provide a valuable insight into the aged care systems in other countries, and are attended by executives and leaders from the Australian aged care industry.

Judy is a consummate professional, ensuring that every aspect of the tour is thoroughly planned, and suited to the target audience. As delegates, we don't get to see all the behind-the-scenes work that Judy is doing, but the results show that she has everything completely under control.  Judy mixes a good blend of work and social events together, creating memorable trips.  I'm looking forward to my next study tour adventure with Judy.

Allan Waters
GM Innovations & Technologies
Anglicare Sydney

I am delighted to provide a testimonial on Judy’s tour leadership skills.

By way of context, I have travelled in a tour group two or three times under Judy’s leadership to USA and Canada.  The tour groups consist of “C suite” personnel from aged care and retirement village providers.

The SAGE tours are the single most effective strategy in terms of educating the Australian aged care and retirement industry leadership community.  As a result of SAGE tours, C suite personnel in RV and aged care have much clearer global views and strategic relationships and are equipped to present innovative service models to their local communities and businesses.

Working in aged care and retirement living, we absolutely insist on value for money, and on ensuring our time is well used.  It also must be recognised that as C suite incumbents, we’re all pretty used to getting our own way!

Judy’s tireless leadership of the tour commences months before the tour starts, in ensuring she understands the learning outcomes sought, the personal preferences of each traveller and also that she has learned something about the individual.  Judy then puts all this knowledge to play in ensuring the most desirable blend of industry learning events, tourist enjoyment and of significant value, collegiate relationship building.  Each traveller leaves a SAGE tour with not only the intended learning from host sites but also with great relationships with each other.

Judy welcomes each traveller to the hotel either personally or with a handwritten note.  This is a lovely gesture, well appreciated, after 20+hours travelling.  Each day Judy then pops more handwritten notes under doors to ensure we’re all comfortable with the next day’s plan.  Judy develops great relationships with each traveller so as a result we all feel really special and that we’ve had great service from Judy.    If something untoward happens for a traveller, Judy goes to great lengths to assist them.

Finally, Judy’s discretion and kindness mean that even when tour logistics don’t go right, or something goes awry, any impact to us is minimised.

I have no doubt that passengers who undertook tours with Judy would enjoy the same level of kind service, attention to detail and innate sense of fun.

If you would like further information from me, please feel free to contact me.

Helen Jones