South Africa | 2016

South Africa | 2016

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South Africa

November 2016

Following the huge success of the 2014 program, SAGE returned to South Africa in 2016.

South Africa is a country of contrasts, rich in its diversity – of peoples, languages, cultures, fauna and flora, beautiful scenery from the mountains to the sea, and into the deep rural countryside. This diversity is also reflected in aged care services.

The program was led by South African Aged Care expert Margie van Zyl Chapman, Chair of International Homes & Services for the Aged (IAHSA) and Commonwealth Association Homes and Services for the aged (CommonAge) board member.

The tour was designed for CEOs and facility managers, particularly those operating in Rural remote and regional areas and looking to gain fresh insights into care delivery for their organisations. Discovering innovation in care models they could not have imagined, the participants were both professionally and personally challenged by the contrasts they experienced.

A glimpse of the tour