Scandinavia | 2014

Scandinavia | 2014

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Helsinki I Malmö I Roskilde

March/April 2014

On the 29th March 2014, twenty-four delegates (some with partners) embarked on the SAGE Scandinavian study tour.

The focus of the tour was to investigate the delivery of services and facilities for the elderly in Scandinavia. Norway and Finland have positioned themselves as the European leader in progressive services for the elderly, particularly in home care services, where government policy has intentionally focussed on actively keeping people in their homes and then providing accommodation at the more frail end of the spectrum as the individuals’ needs increase. Of particular interest was a firsthand account on how these policies are coping or predicted to cope with an increasing aged population and smaller work force.

Over the course of twelve days, the group visited thirteen separate facilities owned and operated by eleven different organisations.

A glimpse of the tour