Over the past twelve years SAGE Tours has built an enviable reputation as a world leader in its class.

There is nothing else like it available to Aged Care and Retirement living providers. From small stand alone to large corporate SAGE Tours offers innovative study tours to the seniors living industries. SAGE delegates have the opportunity to evaluate the advancement of Eldercare from a global perspective and receive insights from some of the world’s most highly respected industry professionals. Successful study tours have been run since 2006 across five continents for hundreds of delegates.

SAGE Tours continues to grow and support its mission and its name: Studying and Advancing Global Eldercare. The SAGE Study Tour programs offer delegates an educative, professional and culturally appropriate study experience in another country looking at Seniors Living Models and delivery of care and services.


Why is SAGE Tours a good investment for your business? Why should you as a senior executive think about this tour opportunity for yourself or other senior staff? The answer is simple: because it’s worth every cent and more!

Learning Experiences

Delegates are exposed first-hand to high quality sites and facilities with recognised contemporary management practices. Delegates will learn about successful alternative service delivery models and are led by a study leader with years of industry experience who will facilitate knowledge and cultural exchange and make your tour experience 'hassle free'.

Professional Development

Senior executives receive a broadened professional knowledge base to lead their organizations, and strengthen relationships, personal and professional networks across the entire industry sector.  Seniors living and care professionals participate in excellent forums for fostering and exchanging learning and cultural opportunities.


Rhonda Joiner, CEO of San Carlo, a stand-alone aged care facility in Melbourne.

“I can’t tell you how rewarding that trip and others have been. It’s changed the way we do things here at San Carlo, but more importantly it’s changed the way we designed and built our brand new dementia specific wing. It’s also about building contacts at my level globally, so if I can share a good idea I have with someone else then that makes the whole aged care sector a better place to be.”

Katie Sloan, IAHSA Executive Director from the USA

“I was a part of the SAGE Tours that have visited the United States. I think the key difference that SAGE has, is when tour participants see first-hand an organization working, wandering the halls, talking to senior executives, staff and residents, understanding why they made certain decisions, how they work, how they deliver care, looking at the place of care, looking at service models, and staffing programs, there is nothing like that available except on a SAGE Tours.”




To provide participants with an opportunity to gain valuable insights into key organisations involved in the provision of seniors living and care across the Globe by:

  • Visiting clinical and educational sites/institutions
  • Fostering and Exchanging learning opportunities across different cultures
  • Facilitating  cultural exchange at an industry and personal level
  • Meeting with well respected  professionals working in the field
  • Developing an understanding of the roles of government, non-government organizations (NGOs) and the private sector in the provision of aged care services in other countries
  • Gaining an understanding of alternative forms of service delivery in clinical delivery, community education, resource development and research


Valuable connections are made with key contacts in the international seniors living and aged care fields. Throughout the tours delegates meet with highly respected professionals, visit cutting edge educational service providers and learn about alternative service delivery models. Delegates network with each other and brainstorm opportunities.

Industry Support

As part of the Global Partnerships Program each SAGE Tours donates a small portion of delegates’ fees to an Aged Care facility in rural and remote South Africa (Emseni Home for the Aged in Rorke’s Drift KwaZulu Natal).

SAGE Tour delegates on a recent tour of the USA that was hailed as a stunning success.


Meet Judy Martin, the Director of the International SAGE  program

Judy’s expertise is connecting community to business. She has successfully opened a number of national and international seniors livingmarkets. She is well known in the international seniors living industry, where she is  Board Director on Global Ageing Network (GAN) and founding and current Board Director of Commonwealth Association of Ageing. Judy is especially well acknowledged as an industry leader  for her role initiating and managing SAGE Tours.

SAGE Tours is the well-respected International study tour program which Judy has managed for twelveyears taking her to over fifteen countries studying the global seniors livingsector. She is very proud of her initiative joining rural and remote aged care organisations in rural Africa with organisations in Australia.

Commencing as a Registered Nurse, Judy’s career spans over thirty years and includes rural, state, national and international work in seniors living and health. Following further qualification in management, leadership and psychology, her experience includes roles with local and state government, and both private and non-profit sectors. Apart from her clinical experience, her core areas of expertise are stakeholder management, public relations and business development, including liaison with international government departments, Australian Government,overseas trade offices, media, national and international peak industry associations, and community and key stakeholders. As well as her time living overseas, Judy spent many years working in remote areas of the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland, and has great appreciation of—and experience in—the delivery of health and aged care services to Indigenous Australians.

Judy has held the role of Business Development Manager, International, National Corporate Relations Manager for one of Australia’s peak industry associations. She has been a Director of Nursing for a large care provider, managed a multimillion-dollar Government health project, and been a National Aged Care Training Manager.


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